Gerbsman Partners has been involved with numerous national and international equity sponsors, senior/junior lenders and technology, life science and medical device companies in maximizing the value of their Intellectual Property and Intellectual Capital.

Gerbsman Partners has developed a focused and proven action plan for maximizing value of the Intellectual Property and associated Intellectual Capital in a transactional environment, through its targeted and proprietary "Date Certain M&A Process" or by leveraging asset management practices to enhance revenue. To date, Gerbsman Partners has maximized enterprise value for 97 technology, life science, medical device, digital marketing, cyber security, fuel cell, and solar companies and their Intellectual Property.

Gerbsman Partners has worked with both distressed and healthy companies to maximize the value of their intellectual property, the majority of which had a number of shared characteristics:

Distressed IP-Based Enterprise

  • Stakeholders/shareholders made a strategic decision that access to future capital would be limited either by the initial investment group(s) or by market conditions.
  • A decision was made or implied that existing management could not take the company forward and/or there were major issues with the business model.
  • The company(s) typically had 0-8 months of CASH available.
  • The Board of Directors and Shareholders wanted a "Clean" exit (no formal bankruptcy, ABC - Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors). Basically a settlement of outstanding issues that demonstrate the Board is meeting/has met their fiduciary responsibilities, no potential lawsuits against "Deep Pocket" equity investors and a reduction of the significant time the Board and Shareholders are spending at/on the company).

Healthy IP-Based Enterprise

  • Board of Directors wanted to maximize the value of the Intellectual Property and other associated assets.
  • have performed R&D, quality assurance, CE and/or FDA approval
  • have a working Beta test or field operable product(s)
  • have patents, trademarks, copyrights, logos, systems, processes, and channels of distribution and other Intellectual assets to potentially leverage
  • have a select team dedicated to the management and leveraging of Intellectual Capital that can maintain and develop additional product offerings
  • have CASH availability of 6-18 months

It is our experience that normal due diligence and monitoring activities are insufficient in order to maximize the value of an IP investment. Equity sponsors and controlling shareholders must often determine whether existing management has the capability and/or experience to develop and support its own marketing and distribution channels to complete a Strategic Intellectual Property Audit and manage a transaction to leverage the value of their IP.

Gerbsman Partners with its experience in maximizing stakeholder and shareholder value, priority focus on ensuring legal ownership of the Intellectual Property and through its international network of equity sponsors, debt and bondholder sources, investment banking, legal and accounting relationships will assist these companies in identifying and formalizing strategic relationships, licensing agreements or M&A transactions. Our goal is the enhancement of revenue streams for healthy companies and the discovery of hidden IP value, positioning a distressed enterprise to maximize transactional value for the stakeholders at interest.

Gerbsman Partners is available to act as your representative in the sale or a date certain M&A process of both healthy and distressed Intellectual Property assets including copyrights, trademarks, brands, patents as well as web-based and other intangibles and other trade secrets associated with a given technology. This includes working with the board, management and key Intellectual Capital personnel, shareholders, vendors, creditors and prospective buyers or licensees. Gerbsman Partners will then conduct due diligence in the industry and directly market the intellectual property through an extensive network of industry and complementary business contacts.