Gerbsman Partners has been involved with numerous national and international equity sponsors, senior/junior lenders and equipment lessors' in the restructuring or termination of various Balance Sheet issues for their portfolio technology, life science, medical device, and solar companies.

These companies were not necessarily in Crisis, had CASH (in some cases significant CASH) and/or investor groups that were about to provide additional funding. In order stabilize their go forward plan and maximize CASH resources for future growth, there was a specific need to address these Balance Sheet and Contingent Liability issues as soon as possible.

Some of the area's that Gerbsman Partners has been involved in the termination, restructuring and/or reduction are:

  • Prohibitive executory real estate leases
  • Senior and sub-debt obligations
  • Computer and hardware related leases
  • Accounts payable
  • Various capital structure issues

To date, Gerbsman Partners has terminated or restructured in excess of $810 million of prohibitive real estate, equipment lease and/or sub-debt obligations. These deals were a mixture of both private and public companies, and allowed the restructured company to return to a path of financial viability.