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San Francisco, May, 2006
Mobile Flash Market Opportunities - 2006

By MD Dundon & Nader Nejat- Omega Mobile & Patric Carlsson - Board of Intellectual Capital, Gerbsman Partners

Introduction - by Steven R. Gerbsman - Principal, Gerbsman Partners

As mobile media and mobile multimedia are rapidly gaining acceptance among consumers, "Mobile Flash" is filling a void that WAP and Java failed to fulfill to date, that is small and compelling packages of mobile multimedia entertainment. Where WAP and Java spearheaded the mobile entertainment industry with mobile Internet and games applications, Adobe's mobile Flash technologies bring a promise of "always-on" applications that will continuously serve the latest news or content in a compelling multimedia format. Whereas Java and WAP provided a basic infrastructure to break ground and launch pioneering services, Mobile Flash enables an ever-growing developer community of Flash to bring their graphical expertise and experience to mobile devices and its large consumer base.

With all these promises on the line, there are some concerns in regards to the availability and distribution of the technology platform. With the incremental need of being pre-installed in handsets, and sanctioned by the mobile operators, Flash is facing an uphill battle to reach critical mass among consumers and devices. With the recent support from Nokia, SonyEricsson, Samsung, LG, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone, the promise is definitely changing to becoming a clear and present investment opportunity.

Key findings include:

  • What Is Flash - This paper will cover the basics of how mobile Flash will impact current mobile entertainment services and products.

  • Current Technology and Market Opportunities - Is mobile Flash a disruptive technology that will change the game, or is it a limited enhancement that is nice to have?

  • Key Benefits of Mobile Flash - How does it work and what can be done with the technology. When will it reach mass market appeal and how long lead time does this technology represent when building Flash based mobile entertainment companies or services.

This white paper is written to provide a technology update and capacity insight into mobile Flash and its early applications. Over the past 3 years, Gerbsman Partners, with its Board of Intellectual Capital, has established itself on the forefront of wireless technologies and content and has strategically positioned itself to assist its clients in maximizing enterprise value through Gerbsman Partners access to the US capital markets and strategic partnering/distribution opportunities.

For the complete White Paper, click here or go to our web site at The team looks forward to continuing to earn the right to be a resource for you and your company and to assist in maximizing enterprise value.

For additional information and questions, please contact Steven R. Gerbsman at: Gerbsman Partners has offices and strategic alliances in North America, Europe and Israel.

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