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San Francisco, July 2004
Wireless Market Brief - US WiFi and Investment Updates

Executive Summary

This market update (click here for the complete version) looks closely at two distinct opportunities in the US telecom market - WiFi provider devaluations and Buy-out funds. The intent is to provide a brief overview of the chain of events leading to today and some thoughts about the near future. The recent years extensive efforts to create viable businesses in the wireless area has brought excellent technologies to life and many of them are available for purchase due to refocusing, down scaling or complete shutdowns. With German T-Mobile spearheading a faster-than-ever growing market, an opportunity for US WiFi presence is emerging. Keeping this in mind and looking towards the successful buy-out funds created, it is clear that a strong period of mergers and acquisitions, licensing, and intellectual property transfers are to come.

- While the WiFi hotspot business is not the billion dollar industry it once was thought to be, offering WiFi can work as a value add and loyalty program. Corporate Buy-out funds will increasingly look towards the giant telecoms for technology projects worth spinning out as ventures.
- European Telco's should look close at US WiFi hot spots for investments and market entry. As prices and valuations have plummeted, many companies struggle with current business models and might seek mergers.

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The complete "White Paper" mentioned above can be found here.

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