Situation Characteristics

Based on Gerbsman Partners’ experience and proven track record, we have found that the vast majority of Crisis Management situations have similar characteristics:

1. Lack of focus and availability of “CASH, CASH, CASH

2. Lack of forecasting, control and preservation of CASH

3. Lack of providing leadership, motivation and morale

4. Potential lack of ethics and integrity

5. Lack of quality, timely and accurate financial information

6. The lack of a business model that works and will get to CASH breakeven and then profitability

7. Lack of “bottoms up” financial planning

8. Lack of communication with the Board, employees, vendors, customers, senior and junior lenders and other stakeholders

As Crisis Managers/Consultants, Gerbsman Partners has a proven and demonstrated track record of maximizing enterprise value and has maintained the highest standards of ethics and integrity in the industry. It is our commitment and our business model, to always “Earn the Right” to be a resource to our stakeholder and shareholder clients.