Robert R. Tillman

Investment Banker/Technology CEO

Mr. Tillman is currently Founder, President and CEO of Sierra Photonics, Inc., an optical communications startup company. He also operates as a mergers and acquisitions, turnaround and startup business consultant. He has served as President and CEO at RRTI, Inc., Rootsweb.com, Inc., Storm Technology, Inc., and Sunshine Medical Instruments, Inc. and as Chief Operating Officer of Totality Corporation. He is a founder of RRTI, Inc., Sunshine Medical Instruments, Inc. and Worldview Corporation (now DigitalGlobe).

Mr. Tillman had been involved, both as a principal and consultant, in financial, strategic, operational planning and investment banking for a variety of national and international companies. He has also assisted venture capital and investment firms to structure, acquire and finance several technology companies. He received a BA degree from Harvard University, an MBA from Stanford University School of Business, has worked for Morgan Stanley & Co., and has been associated both as an investor and consultant, with a number of Silicon Valley venture capital firms.