Patric Carlsson

Wireless Market Specialist

Mr. Carlsson currently serves as the CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) at Mestro (www.mestro.com/en/), a SaaS-based energy performance measuring service for the Real Estate/ sustainability segment in Europe. As the founder Mr. Carlsson has built and grown the company in multiple roles over the years.

Over the last 20 years, Mr. Carlsson has been part of starting up five different software companies internationally. With a specific background tailored toward understanding the purchase patterns, loyalty and retention of consumers and customers – Mr. Carlsson has worked on launching data driven services based on SaaS or PaaS models.  As an early stage expert of launching new ventures, Mr. Carlsson thrives in pushing the boundaries and working closely with investors.

He started his career at Institute For The Future as a research fellow around the Technology Horizons group. Carlsson is a keen observer of the intersection of humans and computers. Currently based in Scandinavia, Mr. Carlsson conducts business out of Stockholm and out of San Francisco part time.