Motti Abramovitz

Israeli Strategic Business Partner

Mr. Abramovitz is a graduate of Technion, Israel Institute of Technology with B.Sc and M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Project Management.
During his military service Mr. Abramovitz was a Project officer in the Merkava Development Center (the Israeli Main Battle Tank), responsible for all the CCD (Camouflage concealment and Deception) systems in the tank. He was also responsible for developing the computerized infrastructure for the supply department in the Logistics and Technology Division of the Israel Defense Forces.
He has been responsible for managing various projects in the electro-optics field for the Ministry of Defense, and Israeli security companies.
Mr. Abramovitz has been involved in numerous technology and Internet related companies and provides hands-on, day to day management and technical capability in Israel.
As Motti is a third generation art dealer as well, he has established 20 years ago the Bruno Art group. Bruno Art Group is comprised of an international assemblage of companies servicing all aspects of the art industry. The company represents and market Israeli artists around the world having galleries and offices in USA, Singapore, India and South Korea.

In the past 5 years Motti has been working with leading companies in the Industrial field in India through contacts made thanks to Bruno Art Group’s operation in the region. He then established Gerbsman Partners Bridge to Asia which introduces Israeli and American technology to Indian Manufacturers.

In these dynamic times, the Indian manufacturing market is a great opportunity. Gerbsman Partners’ vision is to bring manufacturing to India and assist international companies with establishing an infrastructure there.