IP Valuation

Maximizing Value of Intellectual Property

What is it worth?

We often get the question – What is the value of Intellectual Property (IP)? Gerbsman Partners consistent answer is that “the Market” will determine the value of IP. As such, there are typically 4 groups that should have an interest; Customers, Competitors, Strategics and VC/Equity groups for their portfolio companies. Gerbsman Partners, with its proven “Architecture of Maximizing Value- through is proprietary Date Certain M&A Process” of assets and Intellectual Property, has assisted 113 technology, life science, medical device, digital marketing, cyber security, fuel cell, and solar companies and their Intellectual Property maximize value.

A critical factor, besides the quality and relevance of the IP and the team, is how much resources and time the company can spend on the “Date Certain M&A Process”. The availability, forecasting, and control of CASH is the ultimate resource needed to develop and execute a plan of action for maximizing value.